Tim Small

Thank you for checking this web page. You can use this page to check on my availability, as well as obtain my most recent Curriculum Vitae.


I'm currently undertaking freelance work as part of my SEOSS venture.

For the foreseeable future, I plan to take on short contract and/or freelance work only.

On-Site Work

I can normally only carry out on-site work which is either:

If you have ongoing consultancy work available, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Note that this is not currently being updated - see this page (SEOSS) for more recent information. For revision information, please see the HTML version below.

Latest CV (PDF format) - Recommended version.

Latest CV (HTML format) - View this version directly in your web browser.

Latest CV (RTF format) - This version is readable by Microsoft Word. You may, however, get better results by copying and pasting from either the HTML, or PDF formats above. I run Linux on my desktop, so I only periodically check this version with Microsoft Word. However, please let me know if there are any problems.

Latest CV (Docbook XML format) - View the DocBook master document directly, rendered using CSS2 - using these style sheets. You need a web browser which supports for CSS2 to view this (at the time of writing, this does not include Microsoft Internet Explorer) - otherwise you will just see the XML source. Not currently recommended as DocBook "simplelist" entities are not handled well by this style sheet yet.

All feedback welcome. I appreciate that this CV is on the large side, as a result of the breadth of roles that I have carried out, however I have omitted some detail from this CV, so if you would like to see the CV better tailored to a particular role before submittal, please let me know, and I will create a custom version for you.

I maintain my CV in the Docbook XML documentation format, and the PDF, HTML, and RTF versions are machine-generated automatically from the Docbook version. If you notice any problems with any of these versions, please let me know.

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