The Linux Error Detection and Correction Subsystem (EDAC) - another part of the Linux High Availability jigsaw

Table of Contents

1. Purpose and History
2. Overview of the EDAC Subsystem
3. Introduction to the EDAC Subsystem
4. History
5. Status
6. What are these errors then?
7. What are PCI parity errors?
8. Causes of PCI parity errors
9. What are main memory "ECC" errors?
10. Causes of main memory errors
11. Using the EDAC subsystem
12. Getting and enabling EDAC
13. Without the EDAC subsystem
14. With the EDAC subsystem
15. Practical advantages of EDAC
16. How you can help!
17. Future Work
18. Future Developments
19. Conclusions
20. Conclusions
21. References
22. Q&A and extras (if time)
23. Extras
24. Soft Errors
25. Practical Implications of Soft Errors
26. Practical Implications of Soft Errors - Continued
27. How to write an EDAC memory controller driver
28. More detail on how ECC works in PCs.
29. Q&A